We are looking to establish a checking account for our hemp farm.  So far, no major or regional bank or credit unions will help us due to the high regulation of the hemp industry.
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Unfortunately that is true and is a common trend. There may be relief coming within the next year but until then to my knowledge people are approaching smaller branches or credit unions for banking. For merchant accounts a lot of people are paying the fees associated with high risk businesses. Here is an article I wrote with suggestions.  https://www.industrialhempusa.net/blog/2019/3/15/solutionstofinancialbummersinthehempindustry
Hempster @IndustrialHempUSA
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I went to regions and no problems
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My wife and I had to hurdle this same obstacle. Bank of America was more than willing to help us set up our business account. I took a copy of the state and federal laws pertaining to hemp along with our permits and LLC information. The branch manager was hesitant until I provided all this documentation. I pray you will find what you need!
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