Hi Everyone,
We are new hemp farmers in Tennessee and we were directed to this forum in hopes of someone being able to steer us in the right direction for Hemp Signage.  We have already had some workers come on the property and think we are growing marijuana.  Just want to make anyone who should come on site aware of what are plants are. 
Does anyone know where I can get:
”This is Industrial Hemp” signs?
Thank you in advance for your time.
Alice Crawley
Crawley Farms
Philadelphia TN 
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Terry Layne
Hello Ms. Crawly,

I attended a hemp meeting at the SoUth Carolina Department of Agriculture and there was someone there with the exact sign you are looking for...I don't have their name but you should be able to locate them through the SC dept. Of Ag.

Terry Layne
C-Vue Chromatography
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Hey Mrs. Crawley,

When I made mine, I did my own graphic design however any sign companies should be able to provide that service to you along with printing the actual signs. To save money, I did my own design then had them printed and laminated through staples. Here are the ones I made that you are welcome to, unfortunately I can't edit the logo off. 
Hempster @IndustrialHempUSA
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Hello Alice. I can help make the sign and get it shipped to you. I use a printing shop based in Atlanta, GA that does great signage work. 

I can make sign and share with the community. You can download the source graphics and get it printed. 


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Antonio Smith

I want to recommend this product at

quality sign at this price I need to go into the sign business! I bought one 😂


by Top Dog Tool

Learn more:

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Antonio Smith
Should say Guard Goat on Duty! 🙂P
Should say Guard Goat on Duty! 🙂P
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Antonio Smith
take to local sign guy! or in a pinch, print and laminate!
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