I live in Montgomery County, TN. I want to start growing hemp on approximately 10 acres currently being cut for hay. Can someone outline for me the basic steps of getting started from the farming standpoint? 
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I grow in Stewart Co and have an indoor grow in Montgomery Co. Have you read up on the laws associated with hemp in TN?

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Antonio Smith
decide your market
are you growing for...
who is going to buy that ten acres
is it for seed or rope? you must find your target consumer!
a lot of growers getting stuck with CBD flower that the dispensaries wont buy
Colorado CBD dispensary here in Sevierville is owned by a Colorado company
98% of their flower is Colorado based. and ounces of cbd bud are bought for less than $40
start small
find your market
my niche is genetics I currently have over 20 hemp varieties.
my buds worth about $50 an ounce cannot compete with and other west coast/Colorado cannabis.
As we get paid by oil content. if I grow an ounce and it is worth $50 an ounce and a Colorado company grows trainwreck( a hi thc variety of marijuana) and they use supercritical CO2 extraction practices, they can extract THCs, CBDs, Terpenes, etc Their trainwreck CBD which we cannot grow here is a better quality and unattainable for a Tennessee grower creating an unlevel playing field.
in short their oils have twice the value oth medicinally and monetarily.
if you could buy a bud of suver haze(HEMP THC below 0.3%) for $7.50 locally,
or go online and buy a gram of silver haze(Marijuana HIGH THC 15-20%) for $20 which medicine would you prefer? Marijuana is everywhere. Black market yes but this is a by product of big pharma. 
as a soldier I can die for my country but do not have freedom to grow a plant(marijuana) even in the privacy of my own home. back to the issue.
to grow a large plot of medicinal grade hemp rope is relatively easy, Till and plant. Irrigation is vital at proper times. No pesticides are allowed. THC testing is detrimental to gardens not going HOT. speaking of I a garden tests above 0.3% it cannot go to market and must be destroyed. (mist with hydrogen peroxide) destroy those valueable THC molecules so you don't get into trouble. DELTA 9 THC is easy to EFF up. Dry in ultra cool temps and do it rapidly using a water sucker(dehydrator). 
when people dry MJ the cure is usually slow over ten to 14 days under controlled humidity and temperatures.
If it is not done correctly THC is degraded. during that 14 days of drying Delta 1 THC becomes Delta 9 THC as it dries. Their for if you fudge the drying process of cannabis it can have effects of essentially screwing up the delta9s. Cannibis does not make delta9 this happens in the cure. 

I have researched  and concluded, man has been trying to increase THC in cannabis for at least 8000s of years. their are zero articles on the reduction of THC whilst growing.
If my HEMP garden does not sell at market this year  I will be making preparation to move to a state where Marijuana is accepted such as Massachusetts.
Follow state guidelines and Pray. Find your niche(for me it is medicinal hemp clone Varieties)
VICTORY GARDENS we grow THC yes below .3 but it is their and top of the line medicine.
SWEETVG.jpeg  T1VG.jpeg  start small and get the wheel turning
have a good harvest plan. cut dry and package
find your target audience.

TESTING LEVELS of THC below .3% is nightmarish as well.
Stick with strains that are below .3%thc called CULTIVARS for example Cobbler goes HOT after week7

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Antonio Smith
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Antonio Smith
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Antonio Smith
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