looks like Texas and North Carolina are looking to ban smokeable hemp flower. 

Doesn't make any sense 
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So you can grow it, make a multitude of different products with it, but as soon as you try to use it in the most traditional and simplest way, the government just can't have that? Hahaha what? Yes that doesn't make a lick of sense. I understand the difficulty differentiating the two. But most responsible flower smokers aren't driving around hot-boxing their vehicles with it. At that point you are kinda just asking for it. I also indersunde how smoking in public may not be to tasteful to others. But again, responsible flower users are not blowing clouds in peoples faces. It truly is an organic medicine for many things .

Government- "Yes you can grow that as long as you have the appropriate documentation"
---- Partaking in the fruit of the plant in the most simple and natural form....   Government-
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Hopefully TN doesn’t go down that road, I think a lot of this is just states realizing that banning the plant at all is silly but trying to double down on antiquated views.

Here’s more of the story:
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Tennessee’s law for hemp smokable products.
Hempster @IndustrialHempUSA
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