I have an outdoor grow with 50 plants, which we are shaping into trees and are hoping for 5+ lb per plant and 15-25% CBD come October.  We  almost certainly will not have adequate space to cure everything in our tobacco barn, so we are hoping to find a processor willing to cure for us or loan us the space to cure. We have no problem harvesting or trimming, just simply don't have the space for drying. I am in northern middle TN,but would be willing to transfer materials just about anywhere.  Any help is much appreciated.
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Bryan French
I am not a processer but can assist with shipping your CBD hemp to a space to dry or be processed if needed 
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Adam J Swanson

We have farmed for two years now and have about 8000 plants as well as helped 4 other farmers get started this year.  We should have 6000 lbs of bio and another couple thousand lbs of flower/buds… we have  a twister two and are drying in air conditioned humidity controlled 6000 sq foot warehouse on the buds and 10,000 on the bio mass.


We are interested to know if you are buying either of these products…


 Our early tests show above 10% CBD 5-6 weeks before harvest.


Thank you,


Adam Swanson

Have Faith LLC

1200 Park Ave.

Murfreesboro, TN 37129



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