How long can you store seed and what is the best practice for storing? 
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People have actually stored seeds for decades at a time however proper storage is key. Think cool and dark. Some people store in a freezer in plastic bags. Typically seeds have a 25% depreciation of germination each year and that doubles each year after if proper storage is not practiced. How to test for germination? Take 100 seeds (you can do less but this is the best # to give you the best answer). Germinate seeds using your preferred method. Scientifically its great to use a petri dish, a petri dish liner and a squirt of water. Label and set in a warm place until seed pops or doesn't pop open. Your # out of 100 is your germination %. Homemade methods use paper towels, water and plastic bags and can be found all over the internet.
Hempster @IndustrialHempUSA
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