325AC4F5-7314-4A85-AF17-EDA8381180B7.jpeg  8240E295-472C-42F3-A3BA-BBE56327905E.jpeg  03D09136-383C-4D07-BCB4-60A3390F2CB4.jpeg  9153D408-8C70-4DE6-8F35-CFF0313C7807.jpeg  F6CE5411-9665-4EB5-A37A-9E51546DB86C.jpeg  F640073E-9E6D-434F-BC3D-A3C277804206.jpeg  Does anyone know of any outlets for the sales of Hemp ? Just queries, as this is not my expertise. 
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Please contact me when you're ready we would be happy to talk about helping you move your product and offering it in our store
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I got some decent indoor grown from discounthempflower, dunno if they are purchasing right now though
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