I noticed a few of my clones have begun flowering (20 or so out of 500+).  They should all be of the same cultivar "sweetened," but I suppose anything is possible as I did not clone these myself.

90% of my plants are ~ 2ft tall after planting May 30th. However, the ones that appear to be flowering are some of the smaller plants (still 8-10").  Also, they appear to be bushier and have only 3 fan leaves?!

My biggest concern is that they may be hermaphroditic and that I need to cull them ASAP.

I have attached a couple of pictures.  One thing that I noticed were the little banana shaped nodules between nodes.  Is this a sign of a male plant?

Did these plants begin flowering and now re-entering the vegetative state?  

They were a little stressed after transplanting with the heat that we had late May followed by about 6" of rain the following Hermie.jpg  Hermie_1.jpg  week.

Any help is greatly appreciated! 

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Hermies trying to intrude on your ladies! 
I am new to growing but the books I have read talk about the pollen sacks that come out where the branches and leaves come out the stem. Kinda pointed like what you maybe referring to "Bananas". I am just starting my grow and don't take just my opinion but if you don't cull at least quarantine until you know for sure. Unless you want seeds of course. 
Good luck to you. I'd check for advice on a Reddit thread. Sadly this forum is like the black sea, Not much activity here. 
Good luck to you!
- Jason
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423-CBD - Thanks for your information! Growing hemp has been very challenging yet enjoyable (mainly because I am learning everyday).  I think I am going to hold on a little while longer before quarantining.  I do not see any sacs/balls for pollen and according to a few others that I have asked they concur with what skywalkerk420 is saying about revegging.  

I/the grower where I purchased must have done something to them with the lighting before transplanting.  I'm going to keep a close eye on them and report out on what they do.  Hopefully it will help others here if they encounter the same scenario.

I thought it was too early for my field to be smelling so good!  Plus they need a lot more size to them before they begin flowering!

Below is a pic of the day that I brought them home and another pic from this past weekend of one of my healthier plants.  Please don't mind the beer cans, they are for size reference!

  6_30.jpg  clones.jpg 
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Very nice! 
I thought the hemp beer was advertisement but then the Coors just shows a man that likes his beer. Haha A 12 Oz beer is a good reference for scale .I like my beers as well! have definitely put some size on them since you got them. I will document my grow experiences as well. I will be running experiments Indoor/Vs. outdoor. Substrates, Topping/Lollipoping, Nutrients, Hydro/ Vs. Soil. Led Vs. Hps. All side by side with the same scenarios. I plan to learn and help others. 
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What light cycle were the clones on before going out side?

if not matched up to the natural light cycle they can get triggerd into flowering 
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Tennessee Jed is right on with this one verify what light cycle they were on previously. 
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Early flowering can be caused by three variables 
1. Genetics 
2. Environmental stress (harsh wind, pruning at the wrong time etc.) 
3. Light cycle (This is the most likely reason)
Clones typically are under an 18-24 hr light cycle and need to be slowly adjusted before getting less or flowering will occur. 12 hour light cycle will induce flowering however if you took your clones and put them in direct sunlight flowering would probably occur. If they reveg, it’s not the end of the world. Chances are your phytochemical values will be somewhat compromised. 

In general, a clone is the same maturity as the mother it came off of so if it had a more mature mother, sometimes it only needs a couple weeks of veg before flowering (yields will vary of course and that is only for production reasons of optimally reaching a state of perpetual harvest) 
Hempster @IndustrialHempUSA
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