I am in the process of opening a retail location education center and supply for everything hemp related for growers and Patients  Tennessee. This was my first year growing as much as I love it unfortunately I couldn't grow the quantities others did and due to the fact that 95% of my plants turned out to be males. I have decided to open up a place where people can get educated on the medical benefits of cannabis and how cannabis Works .
We have trained dispensary staff ,  we are now in the process of stocking 
our shelves with hemp flour and hemp related products.
 I will be purchasing  bio mass and beautiful Bud, hemp products , handmade artwork and hemp related items 2 offer to Polk County Bradley County Tennessee and surrounding areas. And one store, We will be having group education classes for medical professionals, patiients,  educators , law enforcement,  church's and Patients support groups with demonstrations , and educational group classes, and we have a nice meeting area where we can have small-med size support group meetings.

  I have been successful over the last Couple years of building a client base  By supplying in them with CBD  In one form or  Another. I've never been a farmer but I have been a patient for 28 years and I have studied a medical benefits of cannabis on    Many people my area. With Patient   Testimonials including my own. Backed up with medical documentation and research on how cannabis works on the endocannabinoid system to help restore our health and the incredible success we have seen.

Please send me your information on what you have to offer or what your needs might be if we can help you out
We also have several Hard working experienced harvesters, Bud tenders and processor ,  to help you Harvest and properly cure and store your flower for resell.
  We want to work together to offer good quality affordable products to  Everyone  And support growers with Talks from industry professionals and Inspectors.
 On testing and  Compliancy.
 We  Are also purchasing testing  Equipment so we can make sure patients are getting the correct dosages and  Product for their medical needs.
 And to assure them  They are getting quality tested products.

Please text me 423-457-7205 or email me
your information on your product you to offer.
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Adam J Swanson

We have farmed for two years now and have about 8000 plants as well as helped 4 other farmers get started this year.  We should have 6000 lbs of bio and another couple thousand lbs of flower/buds… we have  a twister two and are drying in air conditioned humidity controlled 6000 sq foot warehouse on the buds and 10,000 on the bio mass.


We are interested to know if you are buying either of these products…


Our flower we expect to sell $300-$500 depending on qty and the biomass we expect $3 per pt.  Our early tests show above 10% CBD 5-6 weeks before harvest.


Thank you,


Adam Swanson

Have Faith LLC

1200 Park Ave.

Murfreesboro, TN 37129


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