Just curious how Tennessee has somewhere around 3000 Licensed Hemp growers but this forum 
has very little activity. 
 I am just now getting into it myself, but a majority of those licenses are 
very recent so i would expect to see more activity. 
 More networking for Q&A, Help, Experiments and Results. 
 On the growing side as well as the manufacturing side. 
 It seems like most of the Hemp related facebook pages are
 private companies and farms. 
 What about a facebook group that focusses on all of these things 
 that is linked in with this forum. 
 There is alot to learn for sure and with so many jumping in 
 there will be alot of losses if everthing isn't carried out 
correctly throughout the entire process. 
  Better networking for the hemp producing community!
 - Jason
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Bryan French
Agreed, I am working on setting up a hemp supply chain and local to Chattanooga TN....Already moving from one pallet to 7 million pounds of hemp biomass so I would love to start talking to farmers about shipping 
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I am new to hemp, but have been a successful organic farmer for years. I read this every day and am grateful for all of The experienced growers on here. I follow 3 forums and have learned so much.
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 Sounds like you have found your niche in the new market. 
 That will be necessary with all of the raw material needing to goto processors and specialized 
labs for extraction. I will be growing small for now, 
 More of experimental for quality and techniques. 
 More on the end of the medicinal uses with CBD. 
 I might eventually grow a fair amount once i have mastered the science.
 I look at the forum everyday as well, Really hoping for new
 information or even logs of experiments and updates on others work.
 I'm sure the guys out doing it on a large scale are busy keeping everything up.
 The folks like myself that have a full-time job and getting into this as a hobby
exhausted between work and the new venture.
 I get that,
 But I am here to Network, Learn, Share Knowledge, and connect with the community.  
 I'd like to also trade genetics once I get everything up and running.
SkywalkerK20 has done an excellent job of sharing his results and keeping an update on
what he is doing.
 I think it would be awesome to have more of that from others using various techniques.
   I also think there are a lot of folks in a "Race to the top" kind of thing and they don't want to 
share their status or techniques they are utilizing. 
 I understand how some of that might be important for the farmers heavily invested and 
depending on the biggest return without helping the competition. 
 I am going into it as more of an experimental hobby so it's not as stressful I guess. 
 Low investment so far. 
 I will share some of my findings in experiments. 
  Stay in touch!
 Any attending the informational Conference in Mount Juliet tomorrow? 
 I believe Needham's Nursery is putting it on.
 Looks to be a good informational session for new growers.
 Also a great place to connect and interact with this new community.  
 I'm still on the fence about going.
 It's 2.5 Hrs from Chattanooga and I do have work to do here.
 Might just throw my hands in the air and go.
 Looks like they have a few varieties of hemp clones at really
good prices as well so if I don't make it,
 I will likely take some off of their hands very soon.
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As a processor I’m curious how TN farmers are going to handle the biomass.

are they actually taking the time to cure it  correctly or just milling it up and quick drying it up? 
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 I'd be betting the folks doing large scale for extraction are just using quick methods for drying. 
 No curing. The fiber end of the endustry just processing it all down before its completely dry. 
 I have stuff to learn in all aspects and want to start doing experiments with every part and potential products. 
 Now the smokable cbd hemp is more carefully processed i'm sure.
 Drying it out to have near perfect moisture content, and the the curing process.
 I have thought about having an extra barn built to help in some of the processing end 
 but i'm really curious what kind of demand is out here currently. 
 Hoping to get plugged into the community and learn what all everyone is doing. 
TennesseeJed, If you get into doing some processing projects anytime soon let me know.
 I'd like to buy some raw fiber as well as raw cbd material to run a few tests of my own. 
Trying to figure up a sustainable Hempcrete process.  
 - Jason
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Thanks for the feedback, we will be adding a facebook plugin soon to our page! We are still growing and getting the word out about our forum and resources so any feedback is appreciated. 
Hempster @IndustrialHempUSA
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That will be a nice step forward for sure. Might also try to get a Reddit thread started. 
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Hey so, I did what I could for right now trying to link the two together. On our facebook page you can access the forum through the app button. You can also share this feed on facebook by clicking the icon at the bottom of this thread. 
Hempster @IndustrialHempUSA
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 I have been busy lately, 
 But looking forward to a more interactive group of "Hempsters" hahaha. 
 Excited to watch the industry continue to grow and make more advancements 
for the products and quality being offered. 
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So I’ve got some follow up questions...

like how to “properly” dry (would dried product be sold at a higher price, I would imagine wet product would be tougher to process)? I’ve got some cbd (sweeten and Franklin) growing, and ill have bulk leftover. What do I do with it, and who would I contact? I’ll gladly sell the bulk. Should I keep my leaf trimmings, does it count as bulk? 

Has anyone figured out the “field testing” of flower. I love all the local testers (2323 Sycamore drive, Knoxville - received an email or flyer in the mail from them), but I want something at home also. The best machine I’ve found costs approximately $13,000... too pricey for my operation. 

Processing, I’m going to process but I’ve got to get some equipment. Any suggestions? On the cheap would be good this year, I can add/replace as time moves on. I’ve been looking around, and have some ideas, throwing this out to see what suggestions I might get. 

Along the the database line itself... I’ve posted a few times, and have gone back in to read replies. Is there any way we can get  emails with responses to our posts (maybe it’s a setting on my account)?

I'm with 423-cbd... starting out small with hope to grow bigger while working full time. My growing is for family, I don’t intend to compete with the bigger operations - good luck to y’all. 

I put a picture of my current setup, just a few plants outdoors. Thanks to everyone! 

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Nice setup there!
 If the quality of the flower is dense and presentable, Once you get your test results in hand I'd approach any local hemp dispensaries and see if they would be interested in trying your product. 
 Otherwise there are processing companies that you can wholesale the product to. Some will even buy the fresh/raw plants chopped down and do the drying/processing. 
Plenty of information on the web about drying/curing cannabis. 
 Mostly keep away from light if your are trying to sell any smokable flower.
 Keep the air moving and humidity out. Don't want any nasty molds/mildews. 
 I'm doing small focusing more towards the flower. 
 I'd say the CBD Extraction companies are more interested in quantities coming from the fields. 

Good luck to ya!
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My family and I own an Ag Company in Cali (www.growwithatom.com) and we will relocating back to Tennessee! Launching a CBD farm with controlled environment greenhouses focused on high quality CBD top flower. Going to be around cookeville - looking forward to joining this community, connecting, and learning even more! 
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Rachel Bode
Very new to the process. Have cut and we are drying our first few plants. It should be ready soon. How do we store the flower until it is ready to sell? Should we vacuum seal or just store in dry place? Sorry if this seems basic. Thanks!
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Hello Rachel. After your flower is dried and trimmed there are several ways to store it. My personal favorite is large glass jars. Wether it be Mason jars, or old pickle jars it doesn't matter. The cheeper way to store if you have volume is vacuum sealed bags. Just be careful not to suck all the air out. If you turn it into a bunch of bagged bricks you'll have a harder time selling it. Just ensure that it is properly cured before you store it. If there's too much moisture it will cause mold to grow and destroy everything you worked so hard for. As for the trim material, I always just throw it in garbage bags until I'm ready to process it.
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