So i’m growing outdoors for smokable flower here in the northern middle TN. Growing Cherry Wine, which is supposed to have very little chance of being above .3% THC. I’ve heard insane amounts of conflicting info on how to keep THC spikes down, and lots of posts online show that CBD and THC are boosted by similar methods. Obviously a unhealthy plant isn’t going to produce much of either, but I am just trying to get an idea what is risky as far as fertilizing during flower. We have been using mostly scratch-in organic fertilizers such as: Fox Farm Tomato & Vegetable - what we’ve been using since week 3 (5-7-3), Fox Farm All Purpose - used upon planting (6-4-5) and finally, Dr. Earth’s (4-6-3).
We have rarely had the chance to fertigate because the soil has stayed so wet the past two months from apocalyptic rainfall amounts, however we used Fox Farm Grow Big in the handful of times we have fertigated. I picked up some Big Bloom liquid (0-0.5-0.7) anticipating the need for water over the next month and through flowering. HOWEVER, I have been told by another local CBD grower (Buffalo River Hemp Co) who says that Big Bloom can cause THC levels to spike if used early in the flower stage (which is when we get tested by the state for THC levels).
Does have/know any science/experience to shed light on this? It’s frustrating because my plants are showing signs that they are somewhat hungry, yet i do not want to render my grow useless simply because we fertilized at the wrong time. Thanks ahead. I already am in week 2 of flower on some of my plants...
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jbreezy24 - I am just a first time grower so take my advice with a grain of salt.  I thought that I would comment since there hasn't been any activity here.  IMHO I don't think that Big Bloom (or any fertilizer in moderation) would cause any THC spike. Especially not Big Bloom since it is basically micro nutrients with little/no NPK values. To me, stress would be the biggest cause of a plant going hot (too little/much water, light cycle changes, too much fertilizer).  Do you have a CoA for your plants? What does it say in regards to THC/THCa levels?  I would think that the genetics play the single most factor in stability of the cannabinoids.  

We have been using liquid fish and blood meal on our grow here in southern mid TN.  Trying to keep it as organic as possible. I/ve been looking for a good organic source of Phosphorous/Potash to feed my plants when they begin flowering. Some are showing signs of flowering already.  I know there are product lines like Fox Farm, Advanced Nutrients, & etc. that have specific formulations for flowering cannabis but I have been hesitant to use. Plus it can get expensive when fertilizing on a large scale. 
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Here is a link to an article titled, “ Metals and Organic Compounds in the Biosynthesis of Cannabinoids.” http:// https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/14786419.2014.880912?scroll=top&needAccess=true
If the link doesn’t work just go to google scholar and type the title in. 

Other things to consider to insure your plants are utilizing and properly uptaking nutrients are soil microbes and the root microbiome. A happy and healthy microbiome can be easily achieved through organic practices. http:// https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4059704/

Other resources
Teaming with Microbes
http:// https://books.google.com/books/about/Teaming_with_Microbes.html?id=r3ZsL47QiVQC
Teaming with Nutrients 
http:// https://books.google.com/books/about/Teaming_with_Nutrients.html?id=pyPE6mZz0uQC
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@ Bluesprucefarmstn yes the synthetic nutes can be pretty expensive.  Thank god i only have 18 plants at the moment.  However, i am liking the way the general hydroponics brands are treating my plants.  They are pretty reasonably priced . But it almost takes more work in the watering. 

Take mine with a grain of salt as well because this is my 1st grow but i use nitrozime with all my nutrients . I always have to back off my nutes for a few waters and get my ppm's lowered.   i  try to keep my plants below 900 ppm when i test my runoff.  If it gets over i water with ph water with calmag and nitrozime (if i can afford it at the time) But i have used the nitrozime alone and with the the nutrients and  i can vouch for it its pretty decent. 

The general hydroponics is comparable to fox farms but waay cheaper . If you have a big farm then yiu can buy these nutrient and ph dispensers.  They go anywhere from a few hundred to around a grand.

Nitrozime is pretty pricey and there is a cheaper comparison but i wont be able to get any of that  info for at least a week maybe two since im flushing my pots right now. Ill keep 2019-09-09 04.34.04.jpg  ya posted on it then though.  Heres a little of what nitrozime is about i may just use this or its comparison with some cal mag and a few others next tome i want to move towards completely being organic myself

Marine Algae Extract contains over 50 naturally occurring trace minerals and macro nutrients. ... Nitrozime Marine Algae Extract is extremely concentrated, eight times more so than common seaweed fertilizer, and contains many of the naturally produced nutrients that all plants require for vigorous growth
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