Hi all, I've noticed that some changes have been recently made, and I am curious if anyone has any other information to share and to hopefully pass the information.

Last week I saw on Facebook that the following changes were made by the TDA:

Does my hemp crop need to be inspected and tested?

TDA conducts random sampling and is authorized to inspect or test any hemp crop at any time. 

TDA will contact growers who will be inspected.

You may not be contacted for inspection and testing if:
- you are growing for personal use
- or you are growing for fiber
- or you are growing less than 2 acres of hemp
- or your buyer is testing for THC through a private lab

If you are in one of the categories listed above and do want your crop inspected and tested, please contact us at 615-837-5137. The turnaround time for test results may vary, depending on demand. Please be aware that when you voluntarily choose to have your crop tested, the crop cannot be moved until the test results are finalized.

Now, I've looked on the application as well as the updated rules and it the "30 days notice to the TDA prior to harvest, for inspection" part is gone.  Does anyone know if it is still required to call the TDA 30 days before hand?
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@StardustGreen  I talked to my inspector last week and he said that nothing further would be required. He said to harvest when I was ready and just make sure to get a move permit before I put it in the car!
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That is pretty awesome news! That will save a lot of money. You need to get a move permit for finished product or for rooted plants?
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@33Staci I called the TDA this morning to ask and to verify my suspicions and you are correct!  There is no need to call anymore unless you want the state to test your crops, otherwise we can go through 3rd party testing. This will definitely save a ton of money in the long run!
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I'm interested in growing for personal use in an indoor setting. But I'm a home renter is that possible in TN?... The paperwork/ application is for acerage and I'm not interested in that scale just yet. Can someone give me a better understanding.
Thank you
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I would check your renter agreement that you signed when you got the place. It might say not business maybe be conducted on premises or something of that sort. However, if you arent selling the plant at your residence, then I dont think it would count. 

As for the TDA, lots of us here grow indoors at our residences. I included the acreage of the entire lot I'm growing on and checked the 'indoor' box and they didnt have any issue with it. 

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