Chase Milner

To Whom It May Concern:

Requesting thoughts, feedback, and interest in possibly participating/attending an upcoming TAPA Planning Conference session topic idea on ‘growing pains’ related to the TN hemp industry and local zoning, etc. during the TAPA conference on Oct. 9-11th in Franklin, TN:

Session Topic: CBD Here, There, Everywhere. How communities are coming to terms with planning for the hemp industry/cannabis ‘green rush’ across Tennessee.

TDA spokesperson – ? FAQ’s

TN Extension spokesperson ?

Tennessee Hemp Industries Association spokesperson – ?

TAPA Planner registrant spokesperson (I can possibly volunteer if no one else does…)

This is prompted from the call I got yesterday from a local deputy in one of my communities who is frustrated with the ability to enforce authority over legal hemp grows, which are permissible in R-1 as a home occupation as well as ‘customary general farming’.

Seems to me this will be a hot topic for a roundtable discussion and SWOT analysis workshop which could be very educational to the planners across the state convening in Franklin.

Thinking folks on this forum might have a constructive story to share and learn from!

Welcome your feedback/input should y’all wish to put together a hemp/CBD focused session related to land use/zoning enforcement.


Chase Milner

Regional Planner - RPO Coordinator

First Tennessee Development District

3211 N. Roan Street

Johnson City, TN 37601

o: 423-722-5217

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Hi Chase. I would be interested in participating in an in-depth discussion. I am in the planning stages for a hemp farm. From the Federal perspective, Hemp farming is allowed. Is the TN legislation updated to reflect the current Federal position on hemp? Are there adequate educational outreach to law enforcement to help them understand the nuance between hemp and Cannabis?

So many questions. I just hope the discussion will help create a very healthy environment for the TN hemp industry.

Can you share the URL for the TAPA conference?

Thank you.

Chau Nguyen
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Chase Milner
Chad, Here's the Presentations URL Link available yet...also, to help answer your questions, I would recommend you join the Tennessee Hemp Industries Association and follow the U.S. Hemp Roundtable. Sounds like you have some homework to do. 
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I wish I could participate. Unfortunately I’m on the other side of TN.. But you touched on a great point. I have not contacted my local authorities to tell them I’m running a indoor hemp/cbd garden. Personally I didn’t wanna just stop a officer on the street & ask him. Could you possibly point me in the right director who to contact possibly. If not , no worries !! Thanks 
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Any chance of having meetings in the other two ends of the state. I love the Nashville area, but a trip there for me is not manageable. I’m starting a small operation for family purposes for now. I intend to grow in the future, but for now small time. I’m sure there’s enough operations and interest on both sides of the state to warrant at least a day conference. Thank you!
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We are out of Cookeville, and would love to join in the meeting. 

Coming from California, but raised in Oregon, we have seen a lot of success and failure on regulations and their impact in a community. probably more failure than success. 

On a personal level, My parents live in southern Oregon and a 2 acre hemp farm was put up-wind of their house and the local school - it’s been an absolute nightmare and really hurting the hemp/CBD culture and acceptance.  

...on a business level, we own an Ag Company, and deal with a huge amount of interaction with local government agencies and have a wonderful relationship with them in helping to develop smart Hemp laws. A lot of people have very archaic beliefs about hemp. 

if we don’t set the pace of conversation for hemp education and regulation, it can headaches for BOTH sides. 
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Hey Eagleeyes where exactly are you located? We’re planning a hemp seminar in Jackson, TN Sept 12. This is through the UT/TSU extension. We’re happy to take the show on the road, reach out to your local extension agent or holler at Karla Kean to request a specific location. Can’t make promises but it’s a start. This is also unsolicited information which creates a great learning environment. Her email is  
Hempster @IndustrialHempUSA
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I’m in the East side of Tennessee. Knox, Blount, Seymour, London, would be areas I would be able to commute to. I’ll try and find my local extension office, if I can’t find them, I’ll send Karla a message. Thanks!
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Antonio Smith
law is clear, the science is not.
cannabis Sativa Sp L. below 0.3%thc falls under Dept. of Agriculture.
same species
cannabis Sativa Sp L. above 1.1%thc falls under drug enforcement agency.
the grey area above 0.39% to1% is a grey area not black or white and considered a HOT GARDEN.
testing has not been easy for law enforcement or hemp farmers. We farmers are not seeking to be criminals.
we seek an easy path to success staying in the legal limits of the law.
the farm bill is seen by many as a keep marijuana illegal bill.
CBD not flying of the shelves like THC in Colorado, California, Massachusetts, etc.
A lot of farmers getting stuck with CBD Flower the Colorado owned local dispensaries don't want to buy.
Market Saturated with worthless CBD Flower.
If my flower does not sell at market, Tennessee will lose many growers as I am already eyeballing Massachusetts as this market is volatile.
Competition is fierce and unfair playing field. Tennessee Farmers cannot compete with west coast CBD /THC Oils that fetch a far better price at market,.
ALL ABOUT MONEY, You think anyone cares about health?
ALL ABOUT MONEY, Control those commodities.
Medicinal industrial Hemp is still new, we will see how successful farmers are at market soon.
Yes I am wreaking out SEVIERVILLE and VETERANS BLVD.
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