Richard Dablaing
Hi Fellow Hemp Growers,

We have Bucking Plates made in Tennessee, available for $50.00 each. These are absolutely the easiest and most inexpensive method to remove flowers from the stems and branches wet or dry. Quickly and efficiently strip the flower and leaves from the lateral branches in one pull. 
So far they are being snatched up quick.  We have limited availability due to the time required to make them. They are made of 1/4” Aluminum plate for durability, season after season. These plates have mounting holes to attach to a wooden sawhorse or frame. Place a bucket or tote below the mounted Bucking Plate and fill it easily and quickly. We used these last year for bucking over 100,000lbs of wet product. 
We would recommend two Bucking Plates per acre.  These will quickly become your go to method for bucking/stripping your product. 
Please visit our website to order at

Thank you,

Richard d’Ablaing
Buffalo River Hemp Company 
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