Like many others, I am new to hemp. I was curious how it grew and what uses there were. I wanted to start small and I recorded results along the way. I have about 65 plants. But now I don't know what to do. I've reached out to several processors on the TN Agriculture website and no one has gotten back with me. Are people not interested in small quantities? Where do I go from here? My flowers are small and not ready to be harvested yet, but I don't want to wait until the last minute and not have a plan!
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Pi Farms
I'm new to the industry in TN as well. It seems its difficult for most small growers. Even to seed or clone acquisition. Have you created an account on Kush.com? You may be able to list an ad there and get it sold at harvest. 
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@33Staci . 65 plants is a good start. Here are some ideas for your plants.

1. Harvest flowers ONLY.

Harvest the flowers only and hand them up to dry. The dried flowers can be made into smokeable hemp flower cigarette

2. Fresh Hemp Flowers - Edible

I started experimenting with using the fresh hemp flowers in my cooking. The flowers are very good with salads. Just a caution, do not add too much flowers. Having too much flowers in the mix will make the flavor a bit tart.

RE: Will processors table your harvest

For the small quantities that you have, it's very hard for processors to make something for you. Most processors are dealing with 1000s+ lbs of hemp. 

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Depending on where you are, what strain you have, what your COA's look like, and how much you want, I may be interested. My wife and I have opened a business in East Tennessee called Smoky Mountain Smokeables LLC. We intend to primarily provide smokeable flower and concentrates. We are also wanting to become an outlet for the smaller growers in the hemp community. My personal email is stanleymiele1@gmail.com. If you're interested send me some pictures and some info and we can talk about your harvest.
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Antonio Smith

Stanley is right! Jars are the best although expensive. Trim your Flower and Hang to Dry! 
Drying is an art and you must have patients! Proper Drying and Trimming can be different for different Strains and Growers. Sometimes a room Dehydrator is beneficial to remove water so buds don't mold. Drying to fast can be bad. Heating Jars and Sealing Buds can be tricky and I guess we need to start a hemp processing class. Cloning, Seeding, Plant Care, Harvesting, Their is a lot of things that can go wrong. Medicinal Hemp needs care at the right times.
Seed can be procured through many sources just stick to cultivars with <0.3%THC and you should be safe. $30 cannabinoid  flower test at altitude!

Processing for food,tincures etc is a whole other bag of worms! FDA, sterile kitchen, etc etc


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