Wanting more hemp-growing cycles by going to indoor growing? We'll save you 
95% of time and 70% of the expense contractors cost!  1-2 days, put your
own lab or grow room up with patented, very economical 4" industrial, enamel-
coated panels that easily slide & 
'interlock' together.  L' x W'x H' 'dims' of
planned room, # of 
doorways needed --- 1 hour for  $ - quote & 1 wk (ONE)
or less to deliver goods. 2 people, your structure is up & ready that quickly.
 Forget costly builders, it's this simple & inexpensive!  When business expands
expand your lab or growing room accordingly.  O
rder more for a nearly-instantly
larger structure. NO contractor moves that fast! Growers, enjoy more efficiency
far le
ss costs. Help us help you, mention finding us at Industrial Hemp USA for
5% discount . 

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