I’ve done a ton of research around licensing, testing, etc. but some of the states documentation is vague and I was hoping for real world experience to answer a few questions.

1. In a grow of 10-20 plants in a backyard garden how many samples would TDA take? I’m trying to estimate costs associated with doing a small scale grow. I.e. one variety being grown. In the TSU study they state one sample per variety was tested but TDA says “an adequate sample size”.

2. Is it best to designate your entire yard as a grow area just to be safe even if you’re only growing in a specific area of the yard?

3. If for some reason you have a raccoon or something drag a flowering plant off how does TDA assess that situation? I couldn’t find any “act of God” verbiage in the legislation. I want to make sure TDA isn’t going to say I’m breaking the law if something dumb like this happens.

4. Is selling your flower as straightforward as selling tomatoes at a farmers market? Just report earnings over x amount and you’re good to go?

5. Since flower is consumed does it fall under the need to have a food facility license or is that only if you transform it into oil, edibles, etc?

Thank you in advance!
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Thanks for the info! Hopefully more people chime in to share their experiences with testing and such!
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1. Samples depend on varieties you grow. 1 sample typically for each variety. Testing with the state is $150+time 
2. You give GPS coordinates of your location. Anywhere you may possibly have rooted material should be licensed. 
3. In 4 years I have never experienced an act of god situation, so I think you’re worrying too much. Hemp is legal dude!! 
4. It’s a low barrier to entry market but with so much competition you have to be prepared to work hard for the sell. I advise lining up sales channels before growing unless you’re truly growing as a hobby. Like many hobby’s it’s expensive, expect to spend at least $1,000 no matter how small you start. 
5. You only need a food facility license if you are turning it into true food (does not include topicals, but gummies or juice possibly) This matter would be discussed with the TDA. 
Hempster @IndustrialHempUSA
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